PKLI does Pakistan's first split liver, pancreas transplants

PKLI does Pakistan’s first split liver, pancreas transplants

Surgeons at the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Centre (PKLI) in Lahore have accomplished a significant milestone by successfully conducting Pakistan’s first split-liver transplant and the country’s inaugural pancreatic transplant.

Each year, approximately 8,000 patients in Pakistan require liver transplant surgeries due to liver failure or liver cancer, highlighting the critical need for such medical procedures.

Dr. Faisal Saud, the Dean and Chief Executive Officer of PKLI&RC, shared that the transplant team utilized a liver donated by a young man named Uzair Bin Yasin, who had been declared brain dead at a hospital in Rawalpindi. Uzair had expressed his desire to donate all his vital organs, including the liver, pancreas, both kidneys, and eyes after his passing. Thanks to his selfless donation, the team successfully conducted Pakistan’s first split-liver transplant.

The donated organs from Uzair saved the lives of seven individuals in Rawalpindi and Lahore, demonstrating the profound impact of organ donation in saving lives and advancing medical treatments. This achievement marks a significant advancement in Pakistan’s healthcare sector and offers hope to countless patients in need of organ transplants.

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