Pak, Bangla, India rank low in 2023 air quality.

Pak, Bangla, India rank low in 2023 air quality.

In 2023, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India ranked among the world’s worst for smog. Their PM2.5 levels far exceeded WHO recommendations, with Bangladesh at 79.9 micrograms per cubic meter and Pakistan at 73.7 micrograms, compared to the WHO’s 5 micrograms limit.

Factors like climate, geography, agriculture, industry, and population density contribute to the high pollution levels in South Asia. Bangladesh and India’s pollution worsened from the previous year, with New Delhi being the most polluted capital.

Despite global efforts, only a few countries met WHO standards. Lack of air quality monitoring in many countries poses a challenge in understanding and tackling the issue.

The data, collected from over 30,000 monitoring stations across 134 countries, highlights the urgent need for a coordinated global effort to address air pollution and its health impacts.

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