400 UK Imams, scholars oppose PM's extremism definition.

400 UK Imams, scholars oppose PM’s extremism definition.

400 UK Imams and scholars reject PM Rishi Sunak’s new extremism definition, which they claim unfairly targets British Muslims. They criticize Secretary of State Michael Gove for his alleged bias against Islam and Muslims, associating him with anti-Islam sentiments.

They argue that Gove’s history of targeting Islam under the label of “Islamism” reflects his anti-Muslim stance. The joint statement comes in response to Gove’s announcement of an expanded definition of extremism, which singles out Muslim groups like MEND, CAGE, and The Muslim Association of Britain.

The statement questions the basis of labeling certain ideologies as extremist, pointing out Gove’s alleged connections with pro-Israel lobbies promoting Islamophobia. They suggest that the new definition aims to suppress legitimate activism against Israeli aggression, rather than addressing genuine social issues.

The Imams and scholars express concern over the influence of a select few in shaping government decisions, questioning the integrity of the political system. They emphasize the importance of unity among Muslims to reject such definitions and defend their right to political engagement.

They call upon the Muslim community to support organizations like MEND, CAGE, and The Muslim Association of Britain, while also standing in solidarity with figures like Imam Shakeel Begg, who they believe are unjustly labeled as extremists.

In conclusion, they reaffirm their commitment to a fairer and more just United Kingdom, free from corruption and injustice, and urge the public to hold elected officials accountable.

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