2024 Lunar Eclipse: Where & when to watch tonight?

2024 Lunar Eclipse: Where & when to watch tonight?

Tonight marks the year’s first lunar eclipse, a captivating celestial event that enchants observers worldwide. This phenomenon offers a mesmerizing spectacle, with the moon gradually dimming and adopting a striking red hue as it enters Earth’s shadow. Known as a penumbral lunar eclipse, this occurrence involves the outer part of Earth’s shadow partially covering the lunar surface.

Dubbed ‘Chand Grahan,’ this eclipse will unfold over nearly four hours, beginning at 9:53 am and reaching its peak at 12:12 pm, before concluding at 2:32 pm. Unfortunately, those in Pakistan, India, and neighboring regions will miss out on this event. However, individuals in North and South America, Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa will have the opportunity to witness this celestial spectacle.

As the moon traverses Earth’s shadow, its transformation into a glowing red orb captivates spectators, leaving an indelible memory of nature’s grandeur. Whether observed alone or shared with others, the lunar eclipse offers a moment of awe and wonder beneath the vast expanse of the night sky. So, tonight, take a moment to gaze upward and immerse yourself in the beauty of the universe unfolding before your eyes.

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