Gas leak explosion in Quetta kills 3.

Gas leak explosion in Quetta kills 3.

Two separate incidents of gas explosions have occurred in Pakistan, resulting in casualties and injuries. In Quetta, a tragic incident in a house led to the death of three people, including two children, due to a gas leak. Two others were injured in the mishap.

Another explosion happened in the residential quarters of Karachi Central Jail, where a policeman, his wife, and six children suffered burns due to a gas leak. The explosion caused a fire, and the injured family members were rushed to Civil Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, their condition was critical.

In a different event in Karachi’s North Nazimabad area, a gas explosion took place in a house where computer equipment was sold online. Regrettably, one person, identified as the house’s gatekeeper, lost his life in the blast. Rescue teams attributed the explosion to gas accumulation in the house. The victim’s body was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

These incidents underscore the dangers of gas leaks and the importance of preventive measures to avoid such tragedies.

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