Cillian Murphy's response to new James Bond gossip.

Cillian Murphy’s response to new James Bond gossip.

Cillian Murphy, known for his role in the hit movie Oppenheimer, is reportedly being considered to play the next James Bond. According to The Sun, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has been watching him closely and thinks he’d be a great fit to take over from Daniel Craig. “Cillian is really popular in Hollywood right now and this role would be amazing for him,” a source said.

However, Cillian quickly dismissed the rumors, saying, “I’m too old for that.” He also told an Irish entertainment outlet that the idea of him playing Bond is unlikely.

Even though the producers are interested and his Oppenheimer co-star, Clay Bunker, supports him, Cillian doesn’t seem keen on the idea of picking up Bond’s iconic role.

Cillian’s performance in Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, was outstanding, earning him praise and awards. He’s now hoping for his first-ever Oscars nomination for his acting skills.

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