Pakistan uni creates 'Dow Rab': dog bite vaccine.
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Pakistan uni creates ‘Dow Rab’: dog bite vaccine.

Dow University of Health Sciences in Pakistan has introduced “Dow Rab,” an anti-rabies vaccine, accessible with a simple phone call, initially available in Sindh province. The vaccine is delivered within 48 hours. Vice-Chancellor Professor Muhammad Saeed Quraishy inaugurated the service, emphasizing the local production of the vaccine by Dow Institute of Life Sciences (DILS). Currently, the vaccine is made from imported materials, but efforts are underway to source materials locally. The aim is to produce 170,000 additional doses. The vaccine’s complete course costs Rs1,500. Previously, Dow University developed IVIG Immunoglobulin during the COVID-19 pandemic. A distribution agreement was signed with Muller & Phipps to ensure nationwide availability. Pakistan faces an annual need for over 2 million doses of anti-rabies vaccine, largely imported from India. However, conflicts over pricing and currency devaluation have led to shortages. Local manufacturing aims to stabilize prices. The initiative responds to the significant issue of dog bites in Pakistan, which annually affects around a million people, resulting in thousands of deaths from rabies.

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