Insurance scam backfires, man loses both legs.

Insurance scam backfires, man loses both legs.

A Taiwanese student named Chang attempted an insurance scam by faking frostbite to claim $1.7 million. He and his classmate, Liao, bought multiple insurance policies covering severe accidents. They staged a motorcycle frostbite incident using dry ice, causing Chang severe pain and leading to a below-the-knee amputation.

Chang received money from one insurer, but others raised doubts due to inconsistencies. Investigators found symmetrical frostbite injuries inconsistent with real frostbite. Meteorological data contradicted Chang’s claims, revealing moderate temperatures.

The investigation uncovered evidence including medical records and insurance documents. Liao, driven by financial troubles from cryptocurrency losses, orchestrated the scam, exploiting Chang’s obedience.

Both defendants face fraud charges, with Liao also charged with causing serious injuries. Their ill-gained assets will be confiscated as a consequence of their deceitful actions.

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