What's Nazia Hassan's son Arez doing now
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What’s Nazia Hassan’s son Arez doing now

Pop Queen Nazia Hassan gave birth to her son Arez Hassan in April 1997, three years before her death due to lung cancer.

Nazia & Zoheb Hassan’s people loved music

Nazia and Zoheb Hassan were a beloved pop duo in the 80s. Their music was loved by people everywhere, making them famous worldwide. Fans couldn’t get enough of their catchy songs and upbeat tunes. But what really stole hearts was their strong bond as siblings. People adored seeing how much they cared for each other. It wasn’t just about their music; it was also about the special connection they shared. Their songs brought joy to many, but their close relationship off-stage made them even more endearing to their fans.

The ‘Queen of South Asia Pop’ – who passed away at 35 in London after her long battle with lung cancer – became a parent to baby boy Arez Hassan with her husband Ishtiaq Baig in 1997.

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Nazia’s brother Zoheb shared picture

Nazia’s brother and music partner Zoheb Hassan recently shared a throwback picture of her late sister with her newborn son. “Extremely rare picture of the late legendary #NaziaHassan with her newborn son #Arez in #Karachi at her mother’s house,” Hassan noted in the caption.

Zoheb, in a touching message to his sister, shared that Nazia’s son Arez has grown into a handsome, caring, and successful individual, just as she wished. Raised by Nazia’s family, Arez is now a thriving lawyer at one of the world’s largest law firms.

Zoheb also revealed Nazia’s desire to see her son grow before her untimely passing. He recounted her plea to doctors during her battle with cancer, asking for more time to watch her son’s milestones.

The post stirred emotions among social media users, with many offering prayers for Nazia and admiration for Arez’s fulfillment of his mother’s aspirations. This heartfelt revelation not only showcases Arez’s achievements but also highlights the enduring love and legacy of the iconic pop star Nazia Hassan.

Arez Hassan

 Arez Hassan is a successful lawyer, specifics like his area of practice or current firm are private.

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