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In the war between Palestine and Israel, Hamas attacks Israel by land, sea, and air, 20 Israelis killed, 500 injured, 35 soldiers arrested

On Saturday morning, 5,000 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza, after which the war broke out between Palestine and Israel. The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas continues to attack Israel from land, sea, and air—the dead of Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigade by paragliding Landed in Israeli territory, capturing 35 Israeli soldiers.
According to foreign media reports, Hamas has launched a ground operation against the increasing aggression of Israeli forces, and several cities including Tel Aviv were attacked simultaneously, after 2 decades, the Palestinians have removed the fences near the Gaza Strip with bulldozers, Due to the ban on the movement of Gazans, Hamas has also gained control of the base of the Israeli forces near the Gaza Strip.
Hamas has also claimed that it has taken control of nearby areas of Gaza and that Hamas’ advances in several areas of Israel will soon be retaken. It was also learned that Hamas officials entered Israel by paragliding.
According to the American media, the military wing of Hamas fired 5,000 rockets this morning while announcing Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against Israel.

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