realme, foodpanda team up for free iftar.

realme, foodpanda team up for free iftar.

Realme, a top smartphone brand, and foodpanda, a leading delivery service, have joined hands for a Ramadan initiative. They aim to spread joy during this special month by offering free Iftar meals to 50 lucky winners every Wednesday and Sunday. Winners receive Rs. 1500 cashback for their meal of choice, made possible by following Realme’s Facebook page and participating in the campaign posts.

According to Realme Pakistan’s CEO Ethan Yin, Ramadan is about giving back to the community. Partnering with Foodpanda allows them to enhance fans’ Ramadan experience by contributing to their Iftar meals.

This collaboration reflects Realme’s dedication to community service, understanding the importance of Iftar during Ramadan. The initiative strengthens connections and shares joy with families.

Muhammad Abu Bakar Siddiqui, foodpanda’s Head of Enterprise, expressed excitement for the partnership, aiming to bring happiness and convenience to 50 families each week. To join, follow Realme’s Facebook page and follow campaign instructions.

Overall, the campaign aims to nourish both body and soul during Ramadan, fostering the spirit of community and generosity.

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