Canada thinks about big immigration changes.

Canada thinks about big immigration changes.

Canada plans to cap temporary residents for the first time, aiming to reduce migration pressure. Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced this decision, aiming to decrease temporary residents from 6.2% to 5% of the population over three years. This cap will affect international students, foreign workers, and asylum seekers.

The move addresses concerns about affordability and housing shortages, aiming for sustainable growth. Currently, Canada hosts 2.5 million temporary residents, a significant increase from 2021’s one million.

While acknowledging the need for foreign workers, Miller emphasized the necessity of improving efficiency in the immigration system. He called for an open discussion on the implications of rising international migration for Canada’s future planning.

Canada has seen a surge in international students and foreign workers in recent years, driven by the government’s focus on immigration for economic growth and labor market needs under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, this approach has faced criticism, with concerns raised about housing and strain on public services like education and healthcare.

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