Google fined 250M euros

Google fined 250M euros

France’s competition watchdog fined Google 250 million euros ($271.73 million) for breaching EU intellectual property rules in its dealings with media publishers. The watchdog raised concerns about Google’s AI service, specifically its chatbot Bard, later renamed Gemini. The chatbot was trained on content from publishers and news agencies without their notification.

Google accepted the settlement without contesting the facts, proposing remedies for the shortcomings. The company emphasized its commitment to sustainable approaches to connecting people with quality content and working constructively with French publishers.

However, Google argued that the fine was disproportionate and criticized the watchdog for not considering its efforts amid unpredictable circumstances.

The dispute stemmed from a copyright disagreement over online content, initially triggering complaints from major French news organizations. Despite a previous settlement in 2022, the watchdog found Google in violation of several commitments, including negotiating with publishers in good faith and providing transparent information.

The fine reflects growing concerns among publishers about AI services scraping their content without consent or fair compensation.

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