Meet Alexis Arroyo: Netflix's Comedy Star

Meet Alexis Arroyo Netflix’s Comedy Star

Alexis “Ojitos de Huevo” Arroyo: A Trailblazing Comedian and Advocate for Inclusion


Alexis “Ojitos de Huevo” Arroyo, born in Querétaro, Mexico, on February 4, 1993, has made a significant impact in the comedy industry. His clever humor and unique perspective on visual impairment have garnered him recognition worldwide.  He campaigns for disability inclusion, demonstrating his capacity to laugh at his sight handicap. He is of Mexican origin and Hispanic ancestry.

Highlights of Career

  • Arroyo began his comedy journey in 2015 and quickly gained prominence.
  • Notable endeavors include:
    • Podcastroso: His popular podcast.
    • YouTube Channel: Where he shares comedic content.
    • Mezcaleando: A late-night program.
    • “Recording Blindly”: An anecdotal video series.
  • In 2017, he won the prestigious Telehit ‘Stand Wars’ award.

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Alexis ‘Ojitos de Huevo’ Arroyo, a Mexican comedian and Diablo Squad member shines in his original Netflix production, “Ojitos de Huevo.” Alexis has established himself as a significant figure in the comedy industry thanks to his wit and hit shows such as Podcastroso and Mezcaleando.

Advocate for Disability Inclusion

  • Beyond comedy, Arroyo is a passionate advocate for disability inclusion.
  • His ability to find humor in personal experiences resonates with fans globally.

His Personal Life

  • Arroyo keeps details about his family and love life private.
  • His projected net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $500,000.

Alexis has been in the industry for over five years. His popularity not only entertains but also argues for inclusiveness, making him a well-known personality in the world of humour.

“Ojitos de Huevo” The Show of Netflix

  • Arroyo’s original production on Netflix is breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes about comedy and disability.
  • Laughter knows no bounds, and fans eagerly await more from this comic trailblazer.

Alexis Arroyo, known as “Ojitos de Egg,” and actress Paola Fernández star in the comedy “Ojitos de Egg,” created by Big Drama and Santiago Limón, and produced by Perro Azul. The show debuts on Netflix next Friday, the 17th. They attended the first day of the PRODU Awards Gala.

Fernández shared her excitement about working on a story that includes characters with disabilities, inspired by her sister. She emphasized, “It is a story that has to be heard in Mexico, so that people with disabilities are integrated. It’s about two disabled individuals traveling to Mexico in search of their dreams. It’s a beautiful and necessary story.”

Arroyo, whose life partly inspired the story, discussed his extensive coaching process for the role. He explained that while the story is based on his life, “it also ends up being fiction.” He mentioned that the screenwriter lived with his family and learned his perspective, creating a mix of reality and fiction in the narrative. “Some things were fiction and others reality,”

Remember, humor transcends boundaries, and Alexis “Ojitos de Huevo” Arroyo continues to inspire with his wit and inclusiveness! 

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