Alexa Datt | Rising Star in Sports Journalism & Bally Sports

Alexa Datt | Rising Star in Sports Journalism & Bally Sports


Alexa Datt is a well-known American journalist and television personality in the sports broadcasting industry. She is prominently recognized as a host and reporter at Bally Sports Midwest, covering the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues. Her engaging style and deep sports knowledge have endeared her to fans and earned her industry respect.

Education and Early Life

Originally from Maryland, Alexa Datt developed a passion for sports and journalism early in life. She pursued these interests academically at the University of Maryland, earning a degree that paved the way for her media career.

Career Beginnings

After completing her education, Alexa began her professional journey in sports broadcasting, gradually rising to prominence in this competitive field.

Worked at NHL Network and MLB Network

Alexa’s career gained significant momentum when she joined the NHL Network and MLB Network, two of the most prestigious sports networks in the United States. During her nearly five-year tenure, she established herself as a skilled and knowledgeable host. She anchored popular shows like “NHL On The Fly” and “The Rundown,” providing analysis, conducting interviews, and reporting on the latest sports developments. Her ability to connect with viewers and her comprehensive understanding of the sports she covered distinguished her on these platforms.

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Joining Bally Sports Midwest

In December 2021, Alexa advanced her career by joining Bally Sports Midwest. In her current role, she covers the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues as a host and reporter. Her responsibilities include live game coverage, player interviews, and expert commentary on team performances. Alexa’s commitment and enthusiasm for sports are evident in her reporting, making her a valuable asset to Bally Sports Midwest.

The Personal Life

Alexa’s personal life has also garnered public attention, particularly her marriage to Peter Elliot Rosenberg. Rosenberg, a well-known radio DJ, television host, and professional wrestler, was married to Alexa until their separation in 2018. The marriage ended due to emotional and marital challenges, a difficult period that Alexa handled with grace and resilience.

Financial Success

Despite personal setbacks, Alexa has thrived professionally. Her hard work and talent have brought her recognition, respect, and financial success. With a net worth exceeding $1 million and annual earnings between $35,200 and $78,200, Alexa enjoys a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Resilience and Professional Growth

Alexa Datt’s career showcases her determination, talent, and passion for sports journalism. Starting in Maryland, Alexa has worked her way up to a prominent role at Bally Sports Midwest. Her journey highlights her dedication to excelling in the competitive world of sports media.

From the beginning, Alexa demonstrated a strong commitment to her career. She honed her skills and built a solid foundation in sports journalism. This early experience prepared her for more significant opportunities, including her work with NHL Network and MLB Network. At these networks, she gained valuable experience and further developed her expertise in sports reporting.

Alexa’s current role at Bally Sports Midwest involves covering the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues. Her insightful and engaging coverage of these teams has earned her a respected place in American sports media. She provides fans with in-depth analysis and behind-the-scenes stories, making her a trusted source for sports news.

Her ability to connect with audiences and deliver high-quality content has been a key factor in her success. Alexa’s work ethic and passion for sports shine through in every report, interview, and broadcast she delivers. This dedication has not only advanced her career but also inspired many aspiring sports journalists.


Alexa Datt’s career in sports journalism and broadcasting highlights her as a notable figure in American media. Her dedication to her craft, ability to engage and inform audiences, and impressive career trajectory serve as an inspiration to aspiring journalists and broadcasters. As she continues to cover major sports teams in St. Louis, Alexa Datt remains a respected and influential voice in the world of sports media.

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