Jahangir Tareen's brother Alamgir Khan has committed suicide

Jahangir Tareen’s brother Alamgir Khan has committed suicide

Jahangir Tareen Khan

Jahangir Khan Tareen (born 4 July 1953) is a Pakistani businessman and former politician. He is the CEO and majority shareholder of JDW Group, which deals in sugar production, bio-fuels, power generation, sugar cane farming, and aircraft services. Tareen also leads the JK Group, which focuses on sugar production, milk processing, power generation, fruit and agricultural products, granite mining, and has franchises for PepsiCo in Multan and the PSL team Multan Sultans.

Born in Comilla, Tareen studied at Forman Christian College in Lahore and the University of North Carolina. Before entering politics, he worked as a lecturer and banker.

Tareen’s political journey began as a special adviser on agriculture and social initiatives to Punjab’s Chief Minister, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi. He later served as the Federal Minister for Industries and Production from 2004 to 2007 in Shaukat Aziz’s cabinet. He joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in 2011 and became its General Secretary, a role he held until December 2017. On 8 June 2023, Tareen launched his own political party, Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP). However, on 12 February 2024, he resigned from IPP and decided to leave politics.

Jahangir Tareen’s siblings

Alamgir Khan

Jahangir Tareen’s brother Alamgir Tareen

Alamgir Tareen: Businessman and Cricket Team Founder

  • Birth and Death: Alamgir Tareen was born on November 5, 1959, and passed away on July 6, 2023.
  • Multan Sultans: He founded the Multan Sultans cricket team, significantly contributing to the sport in South Punjab.
  • Business Role: Alamgir was a notable businessman in South Punjab and the managing director of Shamim and Company (Pvt) Ltd, the official PepsiCo bottler and franchise holder for Punjab.
  • Family: He was the younger brother of politicians Jahangir Tareen and Seemi Aizdi.
  • Contributions: Under his leadership, Shamim and Company became a key player in the beverage industry. His work with the Multan Sultans brought recognition to local talent and enhanced the region’s presence in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Discovering the Life of Prominent Figure Tariq Jameel’s Son

Throughout his career, Alamgir Tareen was known for his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the development of his community. His business acumen and commitment to excellence left a lasting impact on the industries he was involved in and the people he worked with. His untimely death in 2023 was a significant loss to both his family and the business community in South Punjab.

Jahangir Tareen’s brother Alamgir Khan commits suicide

Alamgir Khan Tareen, ‘s Death: Forensic Report and Investigation

Forensic analysis confirmed that Alamgir Khan Tareen, owner of the Multan Sultans and brother of politician Jahangir Tareen, died by suicide. On July 6, Alamgir allegedly ended his life in his Lahore apartment by shooting himself in the temple with a pistol. Preliminary investigations revealed gunshot marks on his hand, indicating a close-range shot. Authorities recovered the pistol and thoroughly examined and sealed the crime scene at his Gulberg residence.

After the post-mortem, hospital authorities released Alamgir’s body to his family. The autopsy showed the bullet entered through the right side of his head and exited through the left, with excessive blood loss being the cause of death. There were no signs of physical abuse or drug overdose. Alamgir’s body was first discovered by his servant, Alamdar, who alerted the police. Friends reported that Alamgir had never mentioned any disease and was planning to marry later this year.

Key Points:

  1. Scene Investigation: Authorities recovered the pistol and sealed the crime scene.
  2. Autopsy Findings: Excessive blood loss was the cause of death, with no signs of abuse or overdose.
  3. Body Discovery: Discovered by his servant, Alamdar, who alerted the police.
  4. Personal Context: Alamgir was planning to marry later this year and had no known health issues.

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