PTA obeys Ministry: X shutdown for 'security'.

PTA obeys Ministry: X shutdown for ‘security’.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) informed the Sindh High Court that it blocked social media platform X (formerly Twitter) nationwide under orders from the federal interior ministry due to security concerns based on intelligence reports. The PTA defended its actions, stating they were in accordance with relevant laws and not a violation of constitutional rights. It argued that decisions regarding internet and cellular service suspensions were made after careful consideration of security recommendations from law enforcement and intelligence agencies, with directives issued by the Ministry of Information Technology. Responding to petitions against the X ban, the PTA asserted that petitioners lacked standing and emphasized the potential for social media to spread misinformation harmful to national interests. The Interior Ministry confirmed it had received intelligence reports, leading to the PTA’s directive to block X. The Sindh High Court directed further submissions from both sides and emphasized the need for valid justifications for any future internet disruptions, with consequences for authorities failing to provide such justifications.

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