Israel stops UN food help to North Gaza.

Israel stops UN food help to North Gaza.

Israel is preventing the United Nations (UN) from delivering food aid to North Gaza, where there are serious food shortages and children are suffering from malnutrition-related illnesses.

The World Food Programme (WFP) attempted to send an aid convoy to North Gaza, but Israel’s military blocked its entry.

This marks the first time since February 20 that the UN has tried to provide aid to the area. The blockade is exacerbating an already dire situation in Gaza, where many families are struggling to access sufficient food.

The WFP’s efforts to deliver aid are crucial in alleviating the suffering of vulnerable populations, particularly children, who are particularly susceptible to the effects of malnutrition.

However, Israel’s refusal to allow the delivery of food aid underscores the ongoing challenges faced by humanitarian organizations in providing assistance to Gaza’s residents.

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