Tallest tree globally; thriving in UK.

Tallest tree globally; thriving in UK.

Giant sequoias, Earth’s biggest trees, are thriving in the UK as much as in California, as per researchers. The UK now boasts around 500,000 sequoias, compared to California’s 80,000. Despite challenges like wildfires and droughts in California, UK sequoias are doing well in the country’s mild, rainy climate.

These giant trees were brought to Britain in the 1800s and symbolized wealth and rarity in stately home gardens. Although they grow fast, provide shade, and absorb carbon, their impact on native wildlife is still uncertain.

Dr. Mathias Disney of University College London warns against ignoring these recent imports, as they could have unforeseen effects. The unexpected success of giant sequoias in the UK is a positive development for global conservation efforts.

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