Comparing Mint Mobile and Visible Which is Better for You

Comparing Mint Mobile and Visible Which is Better for You

Choosing between Mint Mobile and Visible depends on your usage and budget:

  1. Data Usage: Visible offers truly unlimited data on Verizon’s network, while Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan is capped at 40GB per month. Heavy users may prefer Visible for unlimited data, while Mint Mobile could be sufficient for lighter users.
  2. Cost Savings: Mint Mobile may save you money if you’re a lighter user and willing to pay upfront for a few months. However, Visible could be a better value for heavy data users who consistently exceed 15GB per month.
  3. Network: Both Mint Mobile and Visible operate on reliable networks (T-Mobile for Mint Mobile and Verizon for Visible), so coverage should be similar in most areas.
  4. Performance and Speed: Visible’s data speeds may be slightly slower during peak times due to deprioritization, while Mint Mobile’s speeds remain consistent throughout the month.
  5. Customer Support: Consider the quality of customer service provided by each carrier when making your decision.

Ultimately, weigh your data usage, budget, and preference for network coverage and customer service to determine which carrier best suits your needs.

Mint Mobile

Save in bulk

Now a part of T-Mobile, Mint Mobile offers you access to the un-carrier’s extensive 5G network at lower costs. Its plans are sold in bulk, which means you have a higher upfront cost but save a lot of money month-to-month. And, unlike Visible, you can use Mint Mobile with just about any Android smartphone.


  • Cheaper monthly rates
  • Lots of plan choices
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Free hotspot access
  • Works with most unlocked phones


  • Weaker coverage in rural areas
  • Only 10GB hotspot with unlimited plan


Two unlimited plans

Visible offers two unlimited plans starting at just $25 per month with taxes and fees included. Powered by Verizon’s LTE and 5G networks, the carrier has plenty of speeds for most people on either of its plans, with the option for premium data and more international benefits on the higher plan.


  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Verizon’s LTE and 5G networks
  • Free unlimited hotspot access
  • Taxes and fees included
  • Smartwatch service and Ultra-wideband 5G included with the higher plan


  • Fewer supported phones
  • No roaming

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Mint Mobile costs less, but Visible offers better unlimited data choices

Mint Mobile is great for those who prefer paying once a year, especially if you’re opting for limited plans. However, if you’re interested in unlimited data, Visible might be better.

Mint offers one unlimited plan alongside limited options, while Visible focuses solely on unlimited plans, offering two choices. Although Mint’s unlimited plan costs the same as Visible’s ($30 monthly), with Visible, you don’t need to pay $360 upfront for a year.

Both services offer similar quality, but Visible provides truly unlimited data, while Mint may deprioritize during peak times. Visible’s pricier plan ensures priority data for faster speeds and includes improved international calling options. Overall, Mint is ideal for limited data users, while Visible is the go-to for unlimited data.

Mobile Carrier Features of Mint Mobile and Visible

Visible operates on Verizon’s LTE and 5G networks, offering straightforward plans. Its base plan provides unlimited data at slightly lower priority than Verizon’s plans but is still fast for most users. Visible+ adds 50GB of premium data for faster speeds and international features.

Mint Mobile, owned by T-Mobile, offers four data plans: 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, and Unlimited with 40GB. They provide full 5G coverage and can be purchased for three, six, or twelve months upfront at discounted rates.

All Mint Mobile plans include hotspot data, with the smaller plans having full access and the unlimited plan offering 10GB.

In summary, Visible is ideal for those seeking simplicity and Verizon network quality, while Mint Mobile offers flexibility and T-Mobile coverage with hotspot data on all plans.

Visible vs Mint Mobile Coverage

Visible and Mint Mobile both offer interactive coverage maps to help you find the best service in your area. While both have 5G coverage, T-Mobile’s network, used by Mint Mobile, is larger and faster than Verizon’s, which Visible uses. However, it’s still good that Visible customers can access 5G as the network grows.

Verizon is known for excellent rural coverage, making Visible a good option for those living far from cities. However, Visible doesn’t support 3G or offer access to Verizon’s roaming partners. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network exclusively, which has improved but may not match Verizon’s coverage in some areas. For 5G, T-Mobile is the winner. Note that most modern phones support T-Mobile’s LTE network, but older devices may need upgrading.

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