PPP claims top Sindh Assembly spots.

PPP claims top Sindh Assembly spots.

In a recent vote, the Sindh Assembly elected Owais Qadir Shah and Anthony Naveed from the PPP as speaker and deputy speaker respectively. Shah secured 111 votes while MQM-P’s Sofia Shah got 36, and Naveed also received 111 votes while MQM-P’s Advocate Rashid Khan got 36.

This happened after 147 members-elect from PPP and MQM-P were sworn in earlier. The oath was administered by outgoing speaker Agha Siraj Durrani. However, nine PTI-backed independent candidates, three from GDA, and two from Jamaat-i-Islami were absent in protest.

During the session, delayed by 18 minutes, these members, along with JI’s Muhammad Farooq, took their oaths. While PTI-backed MPs protested the voting process, chanting against alleged rigging, Ijaz Swati, who switched sides from PTI to PPP, faced backlash during voting.

Shah’s win was met with cheers of ‘long live Bhutto’. He pledged unbiased duty and promised every member fair opportunity to speak.

Maryam debuts in parliament.

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