Maryam debuts in parliament.

Maryam debuts in parliament.

The 18th Punjab Assembly began with the swearing-in of 300+ new MPs, despite disruptions from protests. They eventually took their oaths, marking the start of their duties.

The focus shifted to electing the speaker and deputy speaker the next day, crucial for the Assembly’s leadership. Political tensions arose as parties nominated candidates like Malik Ahmad Khan from PML-N and Malik Ahmad Bhachar from PTI-backed SIC.

MPs came from diverse backgrounds, with 215 from PML-N and 98 independents supported by PTI and allies. This diversity reflected the complex political landscape.

Led by the outgoing speaker, the oath-taking ceremony symbolized the transfer of power. MPs pledged to represent their constituents’ interests.

Assembly decisions would impact Punjab’s governance and development. Key issues like governance reforms and socio-economic initiatives would be discussed.

The election of the speaker and deputy speaker was vital for guiding the Assembly’s proceedings and legislative initiatives. The process gained attention from political observers and the public.

The Assembly’s political dynamics reflected national trends of polarization and rivalries. As it embarked on its mandate, its decisions would shape Punjab’s future, closely monitored by the nation.

Punjab MPs sworn in. Speaker vote tomorrow.

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