Google launching 50 smart schools in Pakistan
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Google launching 50 smart schools in Pakistan

Google, a major tech company, is teaming up with local partner Tech Valley to bring innovative education to Pakistan. They plan to establish 50 smart schools across the country, aiming to enhance learning through technology. These schools will be equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources from Google, providing students and teachers with new ways to engage and learn.

The partnership intends to empower educators by offering training programs tailored to Google’s tools, ensuring they can make the most of them in the classroom. Beyond just technology, the initiative aims to revolutionize teaching methodologies, fostering creativity and critical thinking among students.

These smart schools represent a significant step forward for Pakistan’s education system, catering to the needs of its large population. They will serve as models of educational excellence, showcasing how technology can transform learning experiences.

In addition to establishing smart schools, Google and Tech Valley plan to organize teacher workshops, provide youth training programs, and launch a public Google Reference School to share best practices in educational technology. Through these efforts, they hope to pave the way for a brighter future for Pakistan’s students.

50 new smart schools for Islamabad

Around 50 new smart schools are being planned for Islamabad and different parts of Pakistan. These schools will have modern technology to make learning more exciting. Teachers will get special training to use this technology well in their classrooms.

Young people will also benefit from programs like Google Career Certificates, which will help them learn important skills for future jobs. And there’s even going to be a special school called the Google Reference School to show everyone the best ways to use technology in education.

All of these plans show how much Google cares about education in Pakistan. They want to help teachers teach better and students learn better.

Smart schools given 30,000 Google for Education IDs

The Google for Education team recently met with the Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training to talk about future plans for education in Pakistan. As a result of this meeting, the smart schools in Pakistan will be given 30,000 Google for Education IDs. These IDs come with cool features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), like practice exercises and lots of digital tools to help students and teachers work together better.

These IDs are like special keys that will unlock a world of learning possibilities for students and teachers in the smart schools. With AI-powered features, students can practice their lessons more effectively, and teachers can use digital tools to make teaching and learning more interactive and fun.

Overall, this collaboration between Google for Education and the Ministry of Federal Education shows a commitment to improving education in Pakistan. By providing these IDs with advanced features, they’re helping to create a more modern and effective learning environment for students across the country.

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Google commitment to helping women

During the meeting, several other ideas were talked about too. These included organizing workshops for teachers to learn about Google for Education tools. Also, they discussed creating a special school called the Google Reference School that everyone can learn from. Additionally, they plan to train 2,000 young people in important job skills through Google Career Certificates. Lastly, there’s a possibility of working together on an event about education and technology with the Ministry of Federal Education.

Last month, on International Women’s Day, Google showed its commitment to helping women. They believe that by giving women the right skills and support, they can help make Pakistan a fairer and more successful place for everyone. This shows that Google is serious about making a positive difference in Pakistan and helping to create a future where everyone has equal opportunities.

Google make sure everyone has equal chance

To help reduce these differences, Google started different programs to make sure everyone has equal chances, especially women. One big program they started is the Google Career Certificates. This program began in Pakistan in 2022.

What’s cool about this program is that more than half of the scholarships went to women. This means women got special help to join the program, giving them better chances to find good jobs and follow their dreams.

Google is serious about making sure women have the same chances as everyone else. By giving them these opportunities, they’re helping to make Pakistan a fairer and more successful place for everyone.

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