Electric cars vs gas: Pollution debate sparked.

Electric cars vs gas: Pollution debate sparked.

A 2022 study, recently mentioned in a WSJ op-ed, challenges the idea that electric cars are cleaner than gas ones, Daily Mail reported. The study by Emissions Analytics suggests that electric cars might actually release more pollution because of particles from brakes and tires, which could be up to 1,850 times more than from modern gas car exhausts. Hesham Rakha from Virginia Tech agrees partially, saying EVs’ weight might make tire emissions higher but thinks the difference could be around 20%. Despite this, Rakha supports electric cars for their efficiency and zero emissions, although he acknowledges the pollution from charging them.

The study also looks at the impact of EV batteries, which are heavy and may increase tire emissions. It points out concerns about the materials in EV batteries like cobalt and lithium, which have environmental issues. While EVs generally emit fewer greenhouse gases, their overall environmental impact is complicated, considering factors like electricity sources and battery materials. This study suggests we need to rethink how we view electric cars and their environmental benefits.

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