Nintendo Switch leaks reveal exciting new details
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Nintendo Switch leaks reveal exciting new details

New leaks give us an early look at the Nintendo Switch 2’s specifications, size, and launch timeline. The Nintendo Switch 2 might feature 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. It could also be backward compatible with first-gen Switch games. More details might emerge in Fall 2024, with a release planned for March 2025.

The original Nintendo Switch was a huge success due to its hybrid design, allowing it to be used as both a handheld and a TV console. Launched in 2017, it’s due for an upgrade. Nintendo has confirmed a successor is on the way, and leaks provide early insights into what to expect.

Here are some key points from the leaks:

  1. Specifications: The Switch 2 could have 12GB of RAM from 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules with a transfer speed of 7,500MT/s and 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage.
  2. Backward Compatibility: It is expected to support games from the original Switch.
  3. Display and Design: The console might feature an 8-inch display. Size mockups suggest it could be similar in size to the original Switch and the Steam Deck.
  4. Built-in Microphone: Both the console and controllers might include a built-in microphone.
  5. Launch Timeline: More information is expected in Fall 2024, with a release planned for March 2025.

Community members at Famiboards have been tracking shipment and customs data to deduce the Switch 2’s specs. Famiboards member LiC analyzed shipments and proposed these specifications. Additionally, leaker CentroLeaks shared more details, including the potential built-in microphone and display size.

Citing Brazilian streamer tvPH, CentroLeaks provided further insights, although final design and features might differ from the mockups. As always, treat these leaks with caution until official announcements are made.


Although the Nintendo Switch 2 has yet to be officially announced, Nintendo has confirmed that the announcement is coming within the fiscal year – which means before 31 March 2025. Based on the reveal and release of the original Nintendo Switch, it seems safe to assume that it will then release later that same year. This lines up with previous reports from the Japanese media outlet Nikkei that suggest that the console is set to release in 2025.

Release Date (Expected) March 2025

Initially targeted for a late 2024 launch, recent reports from Asian publication Nikkei suggest a delay, pushing the release to March 2025.

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Key Takeaways

  • Nintendo is not going to share much yet, but it has confirmed that a Nintendo Switch 2 is in the works.
  • Third-party publishers are allegedly confident of a Q1 2025 launch.
  • Expected hardware includes an 8″ screen and 1080p resolution, and games ‘may rival last-gen consoles’.
  • Look forward to magnetic Joy-Cons, replacing the old sliding mechanism.
  • The anticipated game lineup includes Metroid Prime 4 and potential Mario titles.

What Are the Nintendo Switch 2 Specs & Features

Recent leaks provide insights into the Nintendo Switch 2’s potential features

  1. Display: The Switch 2 might have an 8″ screen with a 1080p resolution.
  2. Magnetic Joy-Cons: New Joy-Cons could attach magnetically.
  3. High Performance: Powered by an advanced NVIDIA chip based on Ampere architecture, it might support 8K resolution via a new dock.
  4. Backward Compatibility: It could be compatible with first-gen Switch games and accessories.
  5. Advanced Upscaling: The device might use NVIDIA’s DLSS technology for enhanced performance and visuals.

Additional information

  • Gamescom Demonstration: An improved version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was showcased, supporting higher resolutions and frame rates.
  • Screen Type: While OLED was speculated, cost considerations might lead to an LCD screen, with Sharp preparing LCDs for a new gaming console.
  • Patent Filing: A Nintendo patent hints at a clamshell design with detachable screens, similar to the Nintendo DS, though patents do not guarantee production.

Overall, these leaks suggest the Nintendo Switch 2 could be a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

What Is the Nintendo Switch 2 Price

Expected Price: Starting at $299.99

Pricing details for the Nintendo Switch 2 are still unclear. It may follow the original Switch’s launch price of $299.99 in the US, ¥29,980 in Japan, £279.99 in the UK, and A$469.95 in Australia. If it includes an OLED screen, the price might increase by $50 to $100. Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto speculated a $400 price point and suggested that game prices could rise to $70. He mentioned that a “Pro” model had existed and developers were working with its dev kit. The Switch successor is anticipated to launch in 2024.

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