Copymatic | A Simple Solution for Duplicate Text

Copymatic | A Simple Solution for Duplicate Text

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for efficient text replication tools has become more pronounced. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who frequently deals with repetitive content, having a reliable solution can save time and effort. Enter Copymatic, a straightforward tool designed to simplify the process of duplicating text without the complexities of artificial intelligence.

What Is Copymatic?

Copymatic is the greatest AI-powered content authoring program, not only producing marketing copies for you but also boosting conversions and ROI. It is the ultimate copywriting software that allows you to generate high-converting written content across all niches in just 30 minutes!

The greatest thing about this AI-Powered tool known as copymatic is that it works on Generative PreTrained Transformer 3, or GPT-3 provides 100% unique plagiarised free content.

With CopyMatic, you can auto-generate great content that converts. No need to spend your time and money on hiring a copywriter for writing better scripts for your business, CopyMatic does everything for you. Make your copies interesting & relatable enough and got your customers hooked up! That’s the only way you can convert visitors into actual sales.

Let’s explore its features and benefits:

Features of Copymatic

  1. No-Nonsense Interface:
    • Copymatic’s interface is refreshingly minimalistic. You won’t find any neural networks, deep learning models, or perplexing settings. Just a clean canvas where you can paste your text.
  2. Copy-Paste Magic:
    • The core functionality of Copymatic revolves around the classic copy-paste action. Simply paste your desired text into the input box, and voilà! Copymatic generates an identical copy.
  3. Word-for-Word Accuracy:
    • Unlike AI-based tools that occasionally introduce quirky variations, Copymatic ensures word-for-word accuracy. If you need an exact replica, this is your go-to solution.
  4. Customizable Output:
    • Copymatic lets you tweak the output format. Want line breaks? Keep them. Prefer a single paragraph? No problem. It adapts to your preferences.

How to use Copymatic to rewrite any text

At Copymatic, we have one of the best rewording tools that comes with a state-of-the-art AI paraphrasing feature that is based on NLP. With this feature, our AI rewording tool has obtained some form of human-level paraphrasing ability. In other words, it has mastered the skill of paraphrasing text while preserving the actual context, unlike other paraphrasers.Log in, or create an account with  Copymatic Click on the dashboard button located at the top and select “Rewrite articles with AI” option on the list provided.Insert the most appropriate title on the area provided.Copy-paste the content or the URL of the article you want to be rewritten.

Use Cases

  1. Academic Work:
    • Students can use Copymatic to replicate citations, references, or boilerplate text across essays, research papers, and reports.
  2. Email Templates:
    • Crafting similar emails repeatedly? Copymatic streamlines the process. Create a master template, and then duplicate it effortlessly for various recipients.
  3. Coding Snippets:
    • Developers often reuse code snippets. Copymatic ensures consistency when copying and pasting code blocks.
  4. Legal Documents:
    • Lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals can duplicate standard clauses, disclaimers, or terms of service agreements.


  1. No Creativity:
    • Copymatic won’t write your novel or compose poetic verses. It’s strictly for replication.
  2. Not for Complex Structures:
    • If your text involves intricate formatting, tables, or images, Copymatic might struggle. Stick to plain text.

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What Types of Content Can You Create With Copymatic

As mentioned, with over 80 tools at your disposal, Copymatic AI is a lot more than just an AI writing tool. As a result, there are many forms of content that you can create using this AI tool.

Here are some options

Article generator

Copymatic offers a popular tool called Article Generator, ideal for crafting SEO-friendly articles from titles and outlines. For instance, imagine a summer house company using this feature to bring their online business ideas to life.

After testing it out, we found that the generated article provides solid content, though it may lack a bit of inspiration. However, it serves as an excellent starting point for further work. While suggested imagery is included, it may not always meet specific requirements. Luckily, Copymatic AI doesn’t automatically add this imagery to the article, allowing us to disregard it if needed.

Overall, Copymatic’s Article Generator simplifies the process of creating SEO-optimized articles, offering a convenient solution for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Landing pages

Copymatic AI also has a tool specifically made for landing page copy, where you can generate a complete landing page, including copy and design, in a matter of seconds.

Descriptions Meta

The meta descriptions tool allows you to write SEO-optimized meta descriptions based on a paragraph or more of content from an article.

Ideas SEO keyword

Keyword research is a crucial element of any SEO strategy, and with the Copymatic SEO keyword ideas tool, you can find SEO keywords to write about and grow your organic traffic.


Finally, Copymatic AI has it’s very own image generator, where you can generate professional quality images from text for your website or blog.

Wrapping up

Should you use an article rewriting tool? Now that you’ve learned what it is, and its advantages and disadvantages?

Judging from the pros and cons highlighted above, we do believe that article rewriting tools can provide you with great content if powered by Artificial Intelligence. However, there are a couple of fixes that you will have to implement. For instance, every article generated by article rewriter tool has to be proofread by a manual inspection to fix all the irregularities for the sake of your audience.

AI-powered text rewriters are definitely a new step in text rewriting and spinning allowing you to generate quality and plagiarism-free content in seconds for your website, blog or essay. Give Copymatic AI a try by signing up.

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