UN: Israeli tank strike killed Reuters reporter

UN: Israeli tank strike killed Reuters reporter

Last year, an Israeli tank fired two 120 mm rounds, killing Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah and injuring six others in Lebanon. UN investigation found this action violated international law and UNSCR 1701. The incident occurred without any recorded exchange of fire, violating the ceasefire along the Israel-Lebanon border. The IDF stated it responded to Hezbollah’s attack near Hanita and regretted civilian injuries. Reuters called for accountability, urging Israel to investigate. The UNIFIL report was submitted to the UN and shared with Lebanese and Israeli military. Recommendations included IDF investigation and sharing findings with UNIFIL. The IDF replied to UNIFIL’s letter but didn’t answer their questionnaire. The incident, highlighted in a Reuters investigation, underscores the dangers journalists face. UNIFIL’s findings support previous reports on the attack. Despite IDF’s promise to investigate, no report has been published yet. The call for accountability and protection of journalists remains crucial.

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