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One-Day Training Workshop On Election 2024 Was Organized, Providing RMSC

A one-day online training workshop on election 2024 was held for Regional Monitoring Coordinators (RMCs), focusing on the training of all regional election commissioners in Pakistan. The workshop, conducted by the spokesperson of the Election Commission, covered the Election Commission’s monitoring framework and provided training on the establishment of monitoring rooms at provincial, divisional, and district levels.

For the upcoming general elections in 2024, 32 regional election commissioners have been appointed as Regional Monitoring Coordinators. This initiative aims to ensure effective and comprehensive monitoring at the divisional level during the elections.

Two months ago, a two-day training for all RMCs took place at the Election Commission Secretariat in Islamabad, led by the spokesperson. Regional Coordinators will play a crucial role in making monitoring effective and comprehensive at the divisional level, overseeing and guiding their respective district monitoring teams.

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Training Workshop On Election 2024

Following this training, Regional Monitoring Coordinators and Regional Election Commissioners will provide training to district monitoring officers and monitoring teams in their respective divisions. During the elections, the Election Commission will establish 4-tier monitoring control rooms, with the Central Monitoring Control Center in Islamabad overseeing provincial, divisional, and district monitoring control rooms.

Legal action will be taken in the event of any violations of ethical standards during the elections. The workshop emphasized the importance of ensuring the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.

In conclusion, the one-day online training workshop for Regional Monitoring Coordinators (RMCs) aimed to equip them with the necessary skills to enhance monitoring at various levels during the upcoming elections. The Election Commission is committed to conducting free, fair, and transparent elections, and the role of regional monitoring coordinators is pivotal in achieving this objective.

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