Israel okay with Rafah strike while peace possible?

Israel okay with Rafah strike while peace possible?

Israel approved a possible attack on Gaza’s Rafah while aiming to keep peace hopes alive by considering talks for a hostage deal with Hamas in Qatar. Despite concerns about civilian casualties, Israel plans to strike Rafah, a Hamas stronghold, promising evacuation for residents. The US expressed interest in seeing Israel’s plan and cautiously supported a potential ceasefire-for-hostages deal proposed by Hamas. However, Israel deemed Hamas’ demands unrealistic. Meanwhile, tensions between the US and Israel rise due to concerns over civilian welfare in the conflict. Amidst calls for leadership change in Israel, President Biden acknowledged concerns raised by US officials. In Gaza, an Israeli airstrike on a residential building caused casualties, intensifying the situation. Despite efforts to negotiate a ceasefire before Ramadan, an agreement remains elusive. The conflict underscores broader tensions and humanitarian concerns in the region.

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