Big rain causes big problems in Gwadar.

Big rain causes big problems in Gwadar.

In Gwadar, there’s been really heavy rain causing lots of problems. The rain flooded streets and buildings, making life hard for people. The government sent rescue teams and ambulances to help. They’re also sending clean water and medicine.

Jiwani, another city nearby, got hit too. Dams broke, boats floated away, and houses got damaged. People are trying to clear the water, but it’s tough without proper drainage.

The rain is unusual for this time of year. Normally, it’s not so heavy. But this time, it’s been really bad. And it’s not over yet. More heavy rain is expected tomorrow.

Other areas in Pakistan might also get hit by bad weather. The weather department says there might be thunderstorms and even snow in some places. They’re warning people to be careful because heavy rain could lead to floods, and snow might cause problems in hilly areas.

In Karachi, there have been strong winds, but they’re expected to calm down. Rain is forecasted for March 1st. In some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there’s a risk of landslides due to heavy rain.

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