Gold prices in Pakistan have decreased

In Pakistan, the price of gold went down a little on Friday, but it was still above Rs211,000 per tola. The price of 24-carat gold decreased by Rs50 per tola, reaching Rs211,300, and the price of 10 grams fell by Rs42, reaching Rs181,156.

Earlier in the week, gold prices went up by Rs 1,250 on Monday, but then they went down by Rs 750 on Tuesday and Rs 400 on Wednesday. On the day before Friday, the price went up by Rs 2,900. In total, the price of gold per tola has increased by Rs2,950.

Gold prices went up today after going down for two days in a row. The price fell by Rs750 per tola yesterday and by Rs400 on Tuesday, but it went up by Rs1,250 per tola on Monday. So, for the whole week, the price increased by a total of Rs3,000 per tola.

On the world stage, the price of spot gold stayed the same at $1,985.30 per ounce at 0950 GMT. US gold futures, on the other hand, had a tiny drop of 0.1 percent, reaching $1,996.20.

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